Use of Facility Scheduling System

There is a booking fee to process all applications depending on which space is used.
The fee is charged just once per application and is in addition to the hourly fee charged per space.

                                Booking Fee Schedule

Space                                            Non-Profit      For Profit

Multipurpose Room                           55.52              355.98
Gym-Sports                                      55.52              312.44
Gym-Drama                                    573.72           1,867.13
Classroom/Campus Area                    37.43                93.59
Amphitheater                                    55.52              267.94

Certain groups, including Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, are exempt from fees as long as facility use is during the normal custodial work day.

Cancellations must be sent 48 hours in advance (reference permit#).  Users will be responsible for all charges if cancellation is not received .







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